It’s Time to Explore the Maldives of Thailand!


Hi guys 🙂 it’s been months since we last updated our travelogue tips and/or itinerary. Last year back in October, I know I was just got home from Lombok but after a while I started to feel boring and I wished to distress myself away from tons of work and problems haha. What I had in mind was that I had several attempts in the past to visit Koh Lipe but it ended up failed. Time constraint, hmm… and budget (lol) were the major pull factors. But I know by heart “I will visit this paradise no matter what”, and it’s just a matter of time.

I actually bought my tickets (both flight and ferry ride) in August hehe. I know I was so lucky because my flight ticket was quite cheap. So yeah, I bought my tickets and waited… and waited… and waited till the day comes. So, that’s it. I got my sleepyhead out of bed and head to Telaga Harbour Park at 8AM (note that the journey from  Cenang Beach to Telaga Harbour takes about 20 minutes).

Let’s run through my itinerary for the whole trip!


23rd Nov 2017

10PM                    : Departed from KLIA2 to Langkawi

11PM                    : Arrived at Langkawi

11.30PM              : Stayed over at RL Budget Accommodation on Cenang Beach

(Initially I planned to just sleep over at the airport, but I wasn’t lucky enough as all the shops are closed! I made my way to Cenang Beach immediately and walked-in at one of the budget hotels at the area) – & yes, it is cheap for at least 6 hours of sleep!


24th Nov 2017

8.30AM                : Left hotel and went straight to Telaga Harbour Park

9.30AM                : Departed to Koh Lipe

11AM                    : Arrived at the PARADISE ISLAND!

(The immigration part took longer than I expected, as the people were transiting the bags and luggage)

Note: Please pay the National Park ticket fees (THB200/pax) upon arrival at Koh Lipe, and note that you need to bring the ticket whenever you’re going on island hopping.


Why sleep on your way to the paradise when you can soak the sun up from top of the ferry

Halooooooooooooo koh Lipe!

Take a stroll at the Sunrise Beach, and you’ll be mesmerised by its beauty


25th Nov 2017

9.30AM                : Island hopping (5 islands)

4PM                       : Back at Koh Lipe

5PM                       : Took a stroll to the Sunset Beach


26th Nov 2017

9.30AM                : Departed to Langkawi

(My AA flight was re-timed to 5PM, which was why I had to take the earliest ferry ride back to Langkawi in the morning. Too bad I didn’t get the chance to explore the island more)


As the ferry leaves Koh Lipe at 4.30PM (IF you’re going back to Telaga Harbour), take all the time you need to enjoy this enchanting and idyllic island! You’ll never get enough of the blue skies, azure waters, and palm trees swaying in the wind.

Meanwhile, please feel free to glance through my pictures!

Have fun ?


Is Koh Lipe Good for Families?

Known as the Maldives of Thailand, this tropical paradise is one of my all-time favourite islands that I’ve been to. It’s so beautiful! What I like about this island? The beaches aren’t filled with crowds of tourists! It’s perfect for travellers who would want to relax and embrace the nature on the island J

Like to go to Koh Lipe with your family? If you guys are looking for a kid-friendly place, where you can get relaxed and enjoy your stay, this is a definite choice J Except the part where you have to get on a ferry for 1 hour and a half, I got seasick and it wasn’t fun.


 Night Life in Koh Lipe

 Night life in Koh Lipe is very quiet – which means, if you want to go for a party, then this is not the spot for you. Night life on the island consists of a lot of Reggae beach bars, Bob Marley music in the background and amazing fire dancing, where you can relax by the beach and watch the sunset.



What about Backpack Hostels?

They have loads of hostels on the island! Fret not, it’s quite cheap too (compared to the high-end hotels).

 This was where I stayed over the weekend, A+ Plus Hotel which is located along the Walking Street.

What’s my budget like?

  1. Air Asia ticket (Kl-Langkawi-KL): RM190
  2. Telaga Harbour Park (return): RM00
  3. *National Park ticket: THB200/pax
  4. Hostel: RM50/night
  5. Island hopping: RM70 for all 5 islands
  6. Meals/Food/Snacks: RM120

*you need to purchase the ticket upon arrival at Koh Lipe (at the immigration centre), as this ticket will then be used for your island hopping around the island.

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