How Do I Take Good Photos When Travelling?

I’ve spent days flying, driving, ferrying, boarding trains, or maybe even a combination of all of these modes of transportation to reach my destination. And now I am finally here, the place I’ve always dreamt about, told friends about, and bragged to my colleagues about, so of courseI want to capture it in all its glory on my smartphone and my fancy digital camera. But when I do, I realise the images simply don’t do it justice and I’m now stuck with nothing to show for my journey of a lifetime.


So, when you travel around the world or to your destination over the weekend, taking photos is all part of the fun to document your adventures, right? Or is it just me? Guys?

Somebody on Instagram DM-ed me, telling me that all of my photos are so colourful and are all full with stories in it. Thanks! But I am not a professional photographer, nor learning to be one. But I’m all about going with the flow. In this article, you can find the ultimate tips on how to take better travel photos, especially when you’re going solo or travelling with someone who doesn’t know how to take one (lol). So let’s gets started, shall we?


1. Composition

A good composition can enhance your photo immediately. Use the rule of third! Ni zaman UiTM Lendu belajar ntah pape dlm class sampai tak focus, tak pandai jugak sampai sekarang haha. Yes, the rule of third is a great way to help you think about where to place your subject rather than shooting and pointing straight ahead. Kalau tak bosan la gambar tu. Use this method when shooting a building, person or a landscape.


2. Contrast

Using contrast with composition lets you play with colours that help each other to stand out. Lagi kontra lagi cantik!



3. When shooting for Instagram, ALWAYS shoot in portrait mode.

This is what most travellers do when taking photos. Always, always use portrait mode when you want to take photos. It’s always better at either your eye level or elevate la sikit the subject. It also makes your subject closer to the lens look bigger. If you need to take landscape photos, it’s best to have your subject to stand about 1-2 feet away from the background. Background you nanti nampak lagi luas dan besar.



4. Sunrise and sunset always win

Find the light! You want a good photo, you either stay up late or get up early. Shooting early in the morning or as the sun is setting will give you more impact, longer shadows and softer lights. Create silhouettes kalau rajin (KENA RAJIN) so that you’ll get a unique perspective in your photos. Be sure to have the sun behind you if you want to take photos during daylight ok?


5. Use RAW photos to edit

RAW files are often described as being the same as a photographic negative; tapi after you download  from your camera, adjustments can be made to elements such as contrast, color, tonality, and more, without compromise to the original file. JANGAN TERUS AMBIL GAMBAR PAKAI EDITING APPS ON YOUR DAMN SMARTPHONE!



6. Practice shooting other subjects

When you travel (especially solo) you might need to take hundreds of shots to get a good photo of your own. Whatever tool you use, remember that practice makes perfect! Get outside and take as many pictures as you need to improve your technique so that you’ll be ready to take better pictures on your travel trips.


It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a professional equipment or a high-tech smartphone to shoot your travel photos, yang penting you know how to use these skills to make one. You can take beautiful photos even with your smartphone. Yes. Now go forth, fellow travellers, and pay loving attention to this crazy amazing world. I can’t wait to see your awesome travel photos too ?

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