Wait.. What’s There in Kanchanaburi?

My sister and I went to this place recently where it’s totally off the beaten track in Thailand. So they say. Mainly because there were few international tourists and NONE from Malaysia. Our trip was definitely random and I was hesitating at the first place but only because I knew I’ve heard of this place twice in my entire life.


After having experienced it ourselves, we’re determined to share the beauty of Kanchanaburi with fellow travelers, and hopefully inspire you to make travel plans to see it for yourselves.

All of these expenses are priced for one pax


Ok read this! To get to Kanchanaburi from BKK, I’d recommend to opt for their classic, 3rd class train from Thonburi Station. Advance tickets are not available guys! All you need to do is to turn up at the station and buy your ticket. For all stations on the Kanchanaburi Line, the fare is a THB100. So cheap kan?! But your cute arse will somehow get cramped for its longgg journey.

Get yourself a hostel/hotel nearby Thonburi Station as their earliest time departure is at 7.50am every day. There are two departures a day, every day, from Thonburi Station to Kanchanaburi Station (for the famous Bridge over the River Kwai) and onto Nam Tok Station at the top end of the railway line:

Guys, if you miss the train, your alternative option is to take a minivan from Bangkok to Kanchanaburi. But then again, you’re gonna miss your chance to experience the infamous bridge on the River Kwai & the Death Railway on Tham Krasae Station. No adventurous travelers would want to opt for a minivan heheh.

When travelling to lesser known destinations everywhere in the world, transportation can be a problem. Or is it just me? But fortunately, this songthaeow guy (I seriously don’t know his name even until we left Kanchanaburi! Sorry) made it super easy for us with our very own custom tour package around Kanchanaburi. You flip your tudung, you smile, you say nice things then wallaaaaahhhhh you’ll get quite cheap fares for your trip for 2 days hehe. Public transport can be easily tracked when you arrive Kanchanaburi Station.

Ehhh we even gave some tips okay!


Thonburi Station



Beholdddddd, as I am introducing you guys to our incredible stay in Kanchanaburi. THE FLOAT HOUSE RIVER KWAI!

The most luxurious of all, The Float House River Kwai took our floating resort experience to the next level with gorgeous villas.

Given the remote environment it was immaculately clean. I completed my 2-night stay at this lovely property. I wasn’t completely sure what to expect as it was a floating hotel (it literally floats) and I have never stayed in one before. But hats off for the view, ambiance, people, food (obviously) and the service!

Of course, the incredible stay at The Float House River Kwai in Kanchanaburi are one of my absolute favourite things about this underrated holiday destination.

Ain’t gonna talk much on this hotel, as you have other options to stay in Kanchanaburi. Mind you, The Float House River Kwai is a 2-hour journey from Kanchanaburi Station to Nam Tok Station, which you will then need to go to Phutakien Pier (10 minutes from Nam Tok Station) to get a transfer boat (about 7 minutes) to this hotel.

I got cheap deals from booking.com for my Bangkok & Kanchanaburi trip. Go and find yours!


The Float House River Kwai


Grandpa’s Hostel located at Thonburi


S Box Hotel Sukhumvit, Bangkok



1. Kanchanaburi War Cemetery


This Allied war cemetery holds more than 6,000 (kot) soldiers who died during the construction of the Thailand-Burma Railway.


2.Thailand-Burma Railway Centre

This is the museum showcases an exhibition about the history of the Thailand – Burma railway, a 145-kilometer train track between Bang Pong in Thailand and Thanbuyuzayat in Myanmar that was built by prisoners of wars during the invasion of the Imperial Japanese Army, WWII. Don’t come into their medical camp site, creepy as hell. Or was it just me? Lol.

It’s actually located opposite of the Kanchanaburi War Cemetery.


3. The Bridge over the River Kwai

Thanks to several films and books, the Bridge on the River Kwai has become notoriously famous and attracted both local and foreigners to this place. But imagine this – the conditions in which these laborers worked on the construction of the bridge were unimaginably harsh, and by the end, an estimated 100,000 had died, including more than 6,000 British servicemen.

The journey from the museum to the Bridge over the River Kwai is about 30-45 minutes.


4. Death Railway Kanchanaburi

In 1943 thousands of Allied Prisoners of War (PoW) and Asian laborers worked on the Death Railway under the imperial Japanese army in order to construct part of the 415 km long Thailand-Burma railway. Most of these men were Australians, Dutch and British. There were a few Tamil Malaya at that time too.



5. Hellfire Pass

Hellfire Pass is a part of the Death Railway that was built cruelly by prisoners of war during the World War II. Hellfire or Chong Khao Kad is spot where the railway needed to cut through the mountain, which was really impossible but the POWs and labors were forced to use hand drills, picks and shovels to carve the rock so that a train could pass. The 500-meter-long pass was incredibly completed in six months in 1943, with many lives were sacrificed. The pass is no longer in use and it becomes the museum to exhibit related tools and photographs about the historical event to remind people the importance of world peace.



6. Erawan Waterfall

Erawan Falls with emerald green ponds, named after the three-headed white elephant of Hindu mythology. The top tier of the falls is said to resemble the elephant’s head. But sadly we didn’t go up until the 7th tier because my sister was tired and we wanted to dip ourselves into the beautiful pond eagerly. So we got ourselves into the pretty pond on the 4th tier.


Kanchanaburi is almost a forgotten history..

There are a lot more places that you can go in Kanchanaburi, these are some of ‘em as I managed to go in just 3 days.

At first glance, Kanchanaburi might not seem as impressive compared to the usual holiday destinations like Phuket or Bali. At least, that’s what I thought before heading down. After experiencing this place personally, my honest opinion is that Kanchanaburi is one travel opportunity that should not be missed. I think it’s perfect for a trip with your friends, cause it gives you the perfect mixture of utmost relaxation and adventure.

Broaden your horizon, look for the most interesting historical places. Explore.



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